Friday, November 17, 2006

Lindsay is she a party girl or just in love again?

For someone who swore to Oprah that she doesn't deserve a party girl image, Lindsay Lohan sure spends a lot of time embroiled in drama at various Los Angeles hot spots. In recent days the tabloid staple has not only seemingly dissed Paris Hilton on camera, but shes also allegedly squared off with former flame Harry Morton and callously rebuffed the advances of one of the biggest stars in Britain. First up is Lindsay's onetime pal turned nemesis turned pal Paris, whom she was caught on tape calling what sounded like a most unladylike name for the female anatomy as she exited Los Angeles club Teddys on Wednesday night. When questioned about the remark by surrounding paparazzi the starlet 20 who months ago was labeled with her own unflattering nickname by Brandon Davis in video of the incident, Hilton can be seen giggling nearby, quickly made out like she was joking. Paris is my friend she repeatedly insisted before adding, I never said that I love her.

Hilton's rep Elliot Mintz, in what appears to be definitive proof that hes making amends for misdeeds done in a past life, offered a statement on the footage when contacted at 3:30 a.m. by the shutterbugs at I choose to hear the second comment made by Lindsay says the vigilant flack but I refuse to comment on the first. That same night the dapper Mintz was also asked what it's like to hang out with the likes of Paris, Lindsay and Nicole. For me it's all just a joy he tells using a tone usually reserved for telling someone that yes it is in fact malignant. I get tremendous delight and energy from the sustenance of these lovely ladies. Let's move on to Morton whom claims was involved in a heated screaming match" with Lohan inside Hyde and in full view of other scenesters on Tuesday night. No word on what touched off the alleged tiff but the exes who went on a break back in September, were apparently able to brush it aside and get on with their evening, with Lindsay soon seen smiling and Harry spotted happily hanging outside with some pals.

Meanwhile its no secret LiLo has a soft spot for older men but it appears she was able to resist the elusive charms of Robbie Williams, 32.
The largely unknown in the United States popster sidled up to the actress at Hyde a few days back, only to get the brush off for his wooing efforts reports the London Daily Mirror. He was there for just over an hour and he seemed to hit on every single girl in sight including an unenthused Lindsay Lohan a source tells the paper. When she rejected him he turned beetroot red and left soon after.

But did her supposed diss have anything to do with a budding new romance? The National Enquirer claims Lohan is branching out by actually dating someone younger namely Evan Ross the 18 year-old son of Diana Ross. Lindsay absolutely adores Evan, a close friend of LiLo's tells the tab. They're keeping the relationship quiet and won't show up or leave a club or event together. Lindsays loving that for the first time, shes the experienced one in the relationship. And finally, when not socializing at nightclubs, Lindsay continues to send her car insurance premiums soaring. Just days after the paparazzi pursued actress was seen attempting to flag down a police car shes had yet another run-in with shutterbugs. The New York Daily News reports a photographer tailing the vehicular challenged actress in the early hours of Tuesday morning rear ended her black Mercedes. She was apparently able to drive a short distance from the crash, an insider tells the paper. But she later pulled over and called a friend to pick her up. Her rep is mum on whether Lohan, who was involved in two paparazzi-related car accidents last year, plans to file a police report over the incident


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