Sunday, November 05, 2006

Kate Bosworth starvin over a new love

Kate Bosworth has quickly rebounded from her recent bust up with Orlando Bloom, but apparently landing an even prettier beau than the one she had before has done little to jump start her appetite. The rickety starlet, 23, whose romance with Bloom recently went kaput after four years of off & on togetherness was snapped cozying up with chiseled model James Rousseau, 25, earlier this week in New York, reports People. While Rousseau is certainly easy on the eyes, he's probably not comely enough to distract weight watchers including People, which features Kate on its new Pressure To Be Thin cover from evermore-closely scrutinizing her breakable body.

Seems in recent days the alarmingly attenuated actress has been observed by eagle-eyed spies sucking down nothing but caffeine and nicotine while dining out in NYC. According to the New York Post, Kate nixed nourishment in favor of just iced coffee while lunching at an eatery with a few friends, while the New York Daily News reports she puffed and puffed during an al fresco dinner with seven pals, all of whom managed to throw actual food down their gullets, despite the second-hand smoke. She was wearing very tight jeans revealing the fact that her legs were the same size as her pinky a no exaggeration prone eyewitness tells the paper. She looked miserable especially noted from the look of death she was giving to anyone who looked in her direction. Meanwhile Star says her romance with sensitive, soul patch sporting squeeze Bloom partly contributed to her bony body, and claims their troubles were stressing Kate out to the point that she had no appetite. Hed literally coax her to eat off his plate! tattles an insider. But there was only so much he could do. According to the tab, Bosworth is now taking some positive steps, recently calling up an athletic former boyfriend to pick his brain about vitamins, protein shakes and personal trainers.


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