Sunday, November 05, 2006

Is Jessica Simpson in love?

Did those conveniently timed cover stories proclaiming Jessica Simpson head over heels in love with John Mayer exaggerate the seriousness of their dating status just a wee bit? And you're dating John Mayer? the verbose and volume-amplifying Rosie nudged the former Mrs. Lachey. You don't want to say, but maybe? I love it that she just goes right there! quipped Simpson who apparently decided to drop her all too brief I am trying to keep my private life private stance by declaring, I'm not actually dating John Mayer. When Rosie asked in mock horror whether People magazine had it wrong, Joy Behar piped up, I think the dating part maybe is wrong. They put in this quote saying that I'm in love! explained Jess, who was decked out in an itty-bitty black dress and boots. But he's my friend. I've known him a couple years.

Meanwhile, is there any better pick me up when you're feeling under the weather than gobs of gratis goodies? Simpson apparently tried to forget about her bruised vocal cord for a few precious minutes by making a swag grab at last week's MTV Video Music Awards. According to the New York Daily News, the fashion-loving starlet accumulated a mountain of freebies at the event, including $4,000 in au courant denim, a couple diamond rings, several pairs of designer sunglasses, some antiwrinkle cream and a $50,000 Chrysler Crossfire convertible, which she won in a celebrities-only raffle. But it seems Simpson, who is tirelessly stumping for her new release, is planning to donate some of the pricey merchandise to the greater good, with her rep telling the paper she'll hand over a portion of her stash to her favorite charity, Operation Smile, which aids children with facial deformities. People like her don't really need these things because they already have everything, the flack unnecessarily points out to the paper. The celebrity liaison for the nonprofit, however, was a little fuzzy on the details, explaining, He didn't say anything specific, but she wanted to donate some stuff. I think the car. Maybe we'll do an online auction? I don't really know. Perhaps Jessica's mouthpiece was short on information because his client was still mulling over her proposed altruism I don't think she has thought about it yet, he dodged a little later and double checking the tax code that covers complimentary luxury items. In a story that seems to put the ha! in apocryphal, the paper says Simpson chatted up a New York attorney about how the IRS would know just how much loot she pocketed. When he broke down the reporting procedure for her, Jessica purportedly looked dumbfounded.


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