Friday, November 17, 2006

Is Kirsten Dunst & Orlando Bloom an item.

For more than a year, the rumor mill has tried its darndest to make a love connection between Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom. The latest attempt comes courtesy of In Touch, which claims the costars of Elizabethtown were spied last weekend looking lovey-dovey at L.A.'s Chateau Marmont. They were talking, flirting and kissing, maintains a spywitness. The sighting comes just three weeks after People reported seeing the soul patch-sporting actor, 29, and the snaggletooth starlet, 24, downing vodka cocktails at hotspot Hyde. They were having a really good time, recounted a bystander, who added that although the duo was laughing a lot there didn't seem to be any romance afoot. You'll recall that Orlando raised eyebrows when he turned up at an L.A. fete for Dunsts Marie Antoinette in late September, right after he called it quits with fickle, flimsy flame Kate Bosworth, and right before he was linked to Penelope Cruz. Still, at the film's New York premiere a few weeks later, Kirsten was spotted hanging out with her rumored beau of several months, funnyman Andy Samberg.

Rumors of a romance between the pair have been bubbling for more than a year, helped along by Bloom's public gushing in September 2005 about the wonderful Dunst, who at the time was still spending quality time with lightbulb love Jake Gyllenhal. When asked what he wanted for Christmas, Orlando gushed, Kirsten by my side she's all I need to have. The pretty boys mushy declaration came on the heels of Dunsts denial of a report they had been seen skinny dipping and smooching while in Miami for the MTV Video Music Awards. Later, at the Venice Film Festival, she testily responded to a question about on set romances by saying, If you're alluding to whether Orlando and I got together then that's a no. No. And alas it looks like we'l have to hold off yet again on dubbing Dunst and Bloom Doom, because a rep for the actress is yet again dismissing the hook up chatter. They are and have always been just friends, her spokesman, Stephen Huvane, insists to MSN Entertainment.

Who wooing Jessica Biel?

Is Jessica Biel being wooed by a man whos just as athletic as she is? The hard bodied starlet reportedly spent some time this week in the company of New York Yankee Derek Jeter, although he's apparently yet to round first base. On Monday the baseballer was spied massaging Biels shoulders and flirting with her into the wee hours at Los Angeles hotspot Hyde a mole tells Star while Tuesday night, they were laughing and giggling together as they huddled in a corner of the club another spy tattles to the New York Post. Jessica, 24, previously dated actor Chris Evans, otherwise known as the one saving grace in the otherwise clunky Fantastic Four while Jeter, 32, has been linked to the likes of Vanessa Minnillo, Jessica Alba and Mariah Carey.

Is Rosario Dawson single again?

Its always sad when pretty people break up even if we never really gave them a second thought when they were together. And so it goes with Rosario Dawson and Jason Lewis who have reportedly packed it in after two years of PDA filled but drama free togetherness. Rosario was telling people a few weeks ago that theyre over, an insider shares with Us Weekly. She's really upset. Adds another mole to Star, They're being very private about why they broke up but they are for sure broken up. The once shacked up squeezes fizzled out just four months after Lewis, best known for his role as Samanthas devoted, dewy squeeze on Sex in the City gushed to People of their romance, It's real serious.

Nicole Kidman stands by her man, Keith Urban

Kidman is standing by her man, if only for a few hours at a time and under controlled conditions. The unlined Oscar winner skipped Sunday's New York premiere of Fur in which she stars as photographer Diane Arbus, in favor of spending two hours visiting her husband of four months Keith Urban at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage Calif. where hes reportedly seeking treatment for alcoholism, says Us Weekly. Nicole wants to do anything she can to get him through this an insider tells the mag with another adding, They look forward to resuming their life together. Meanwhile if the National Enquirer is to be believed and that remains a huge if that life will include stop us if youve heard this one before the pitter patter of little feet. Yes the tabloid is convinced that Kidman who has repeatedly denied a bun in the oven burblings during the last year, is expecting, citing the purportedly positive results of a pair of home pregnancy tests

Lindsay is she a party girl or just in love again?

For someone who swore to Oprah that she doesn't deserve a party girl image, Lindsay Lohan sure spends a lot of time embroiled in drama at various Los Angeles hot spots. In recent days the tabloid staple has not only seemingly dissed Paris Hilton on camera, but shes also allegedly squared off with former flame Harry Morton and callously rebuffed the advances of one of the biggest stars in Britain. First up is Lindsay's onetime pal turned nemesis turned pal Paris, whom she was caught on tape calling what sounded like a most unladylike name for the female anatomy as she exited Los Angeles club Teddys on Wednesday night. When questioned about the remark by surrounding paparazzi the starlet 20 who months ago was labeled with her own unflattering nickname by Brandon Davis in video of the incident, Hilton can be seen giggling nearby, quickly made out like she was joking. Paris is my friend she repeatedly insisted before adding, I never said that I love her.

Hilton's rep Elliot Mintz, in what appears to be definitive proof that hes making amends for misdeeds done in a past life, offered a statement on the footage when contacted at 3:30 a.m. by the shutterbugs at I choose to hear the second comment made by Lindsay says the vigilant flack but I refuse to comment on the first. That same night the dapper Mintz was also asked what it's like to hang out with the likes of Paris, Lindsay and Nicole. For me it's all just a joy he tells using a tone usually reserved for telling someone that yes it is in fact malignant. I get tremendous delight and energy from the sustenance of these lovely ladies. Let's move on to Morton whom claims was involved in a heated screaming match" with Lohan inside Hyde and in full view of other scenesters on Tuesday night. No word on what touched off the alleged tiff but the exes who went on a break back in September, were apparently able to brush it aside and get on with their evening, with Lindsay soon seen smiling and Harry spotted happily hanging outside with some pals.

Meanwhile its no secret LiLo has a soft spot for older men but it appears she was able to resist the elusive charms of Robbie Williams, 32.
The largely unknown in the United States popster sidled up to the actress at Hyde a few days back, only to get the brush off for his wooing efforts reports the London Daily Mirror. He was there for just over an hour and he seemed to hit on every single girl in sight including an unenthused Lindsay Lohan a source tells the paper. When she rejected him he turned beetroot red and left soon after.

But did her supposed diss have anything to do with a budding new romance? The National Enquirer claims Lohan is branching out by actually dating someone younger namely Evan Ross the 18 year-old son of Diana Ross. Lindsay absolutely adores Evan, a close friend of LiLo's tells the tab. They're keeping the relationship quiet and won't show up or leave a club or event together. Lindsays loving that for the first time, shes the experienced one in the relationship. And finally, when not socializing at nightclubs, Lindsay continues to send her car insurance premiums soaring. Just days after the paparazzi pursued actress was seen attempting to flag down a police car shes had yet another run-in with shutterbugs. The New York Daily News reports a photographer tailing the vehicular challenged actress in the early hours of Tuesday morning rear ended her black Mercedes. She was apparently able to drive a short distance from the crash, an insider tells the paper. But she later pulled over and called a friend to pick her up. Her rep is mum on whether Lohan, who was involved in two paparazzi-related car accidents last year, plans to file a police report over the incident

Nicole Richie denies having plastic surgery

Nicole Richie wants to make something clear, Her scrawny figure is all natural and not the result of any medical intervention. The undersize tabloid staple is peeved that people believe shes the unnamed young Hollywood starlet from a recent New York Post blind item who underwent secret bypass surgery, only to have it undone when she lost too much weight. It just doesnt stop, Nicole fumed on her MySpace page on Tuesday. So I gain a little bit of weight, and I'm accused of having a gastric bypass surgery reversed? It's pathetic of Page Six to insinuate I have done this. Continues the irate and maybe infinitesimally meatier Richie, Anyone that knows anything about this surgery would know that legally you must be 100 pounds overweight to even have the surgery done, and it is a serious life changing procedure not one to throw around as a joke or a rumor.

Its not surprising that Nicole isnt laughing off the rumors. After all she knows a thing or two about the surgery Her former fiance, Adam DJ AM Goldstein dropped 155 pounds almost twice her body weight after undergoing the procedure in 2003. The blind item which claimed the mystery starlets recent four day stint at a health clinic was really to have the bypass removed, appeared three weeks after the eating disorder denying Richie announced she was seeking diagnostic treatment to discover why she was failing to pack on the pounds. The evidence remains in Nicoles favor Since she decided to get help she hasnt gone four straight days without being snapped by the paparazzi. It is not Nicole her rep insists to People poohing the implication as ridiculous. There are a ton of Hollywood starlets. Rants Richie who will soon begin work on the fifth season of The Simple Life with newly reinstated BFF Paris Hilton I've given a statement I am in the process of putting on weight and that should be enough. Its a shame to hear that instead of hearing supportive words someone needs to spin it into some negative absurd way.

Shanna Moakler throws a divorce party

Shanna Moaklers bitter bustup from Travis Barker has provided her with the perfect excuse to party. On Friday, she marked the dissolution of their family unit they have two kids together with liquor and cake at Las Vegas club Light, reports People. I've been to past friends divorce parties, so I'm not the first person to have one Moakler explains to the mag. I'm not groundbreaking or anything. Im really doing it for myself to have closure and celebrate being single again and start a new chapter in my life. She reportedly spent the night chit chatting with several girlfriends and quaffing vodka and shots. The capper of the evening was a three tiered cake decorated with a scowling bride on top, along with a river of fake blood draining down to a wee groom slumped at the bottom. I dont have any regrets about doing it. I am who I am and I make my own decisions, stresses Shanna I never thought I would be getting a divorce. I never thought I'd be here. Continues Moakler, At the end of the day this isnt the worst thing in my life People go through it every day I respect peoples opinions but this is my opinion. This is how Im showing the world that divorce is OK. It doesn't have to be the end of your life.
Barker for his part managed to tear his tongue away from polishing Paris Hiltons tonsils long enough to post his feelings about the soiree on his MySpace page. The drummer who was reportedly sucking face with Hilton in proximity to Moakler at a Halloween shindig at the Playboy Mansion, ranted in his usual blaring all caps style that the divorce party left him with the urge to puke. Sneered Travis who since filing for divorce in August has engaged in an increasingly childish back and forth with his ex I'm gonna say a long prayer for her she needs it.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Shakira Wins 4 Latin Grammy Awards

Shakira dominated the Latin Grammy awards as she won a leading four trophies including album of the year for Fijacion Oral Vol. 1 and song and record of the year honors for La Tortura her smoldering duet with Alejandro Sanz on Thursday night. Though Shakira who also won best female pop vocal album stole the spotlight at the event gyrating her way through a rendition of La Tortura with her chest heaving and hips swaying she also took the time to shine a light on one of the most heated issues in the United States that of immigrants working in this country illegally. She threw her support to those trying to become citizens as they work without documentation.I hope soon they will receive they recognition they deserve from the government said the Colombian superstar said.



Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe split up

Tabloids claim that a new layer of ookiness to the couple's Oct. 30 split announcement by alleging that the actor may have fallen for a co-star. According to Us Weekly, Phillippe, 32, has lately grown close to Australian actress Abbie Cornish, 24, who appears with him in the forthcoming Iraq war drama Stop Loss. Ryan and Abbie purportedly spent quality time together while filming in Austin, Texas, from August through October, cozying up over dinner and hanging out at the actors pad. But Cornish adamantly denies anything untoward took place and insists her relationship with Phillippe is strictly professional. It's not true, her rep asserts the magazine. They are co-stars and that is it.
Tensions between Reese and Ryan appeared to boil over at the New York premiere of Flags of our Fathers on Oct. 16. Multiple outlets are reporting the twosome, who wed in 1999 and have two tots, Ava 7 and Deacon 3 had a very public spat at the afterparty. Roger Friedman from Fox News characterized it as a knock down drag out fight straight out of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf while an on the scene photographer blogger named Hughe2030 claims the Oscar winner was overheard telling her husband, I don't know what you mean by saying I am embarrassing you. How could you say I am embarrassing you? As for what led to their ultimate demise that's still up for debate. Us says Reese was alerted to photos of Phillippe with Cornish and questioned him over whether something was going on. Ryan admitted it was true and said We just need to end this a source maintains to the magazine. Reese literally had no choice. The National Enquire, however, believes she found his Blackberry with incriminating messages on it. The tabloid reports that Phillippe despite being caught red handed had hoped to salvage the union but Reese opted to stick a fork in it. meanwhile, reports the reasons for the bust up were cumulative and says the pretty pair decided to part ways several weeks ago. Shes just tired of all the fighting and bickering a close friend of the actress tells the Chicago SunTimes which points the finger at Ryans well known hot temper. Witherspoon whose estimated $25 million + movie paycheck dwarfs her indie preferring hubbys $2 million per picture has reportedly sought out the same legal pitbull who handled Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston divorce. Reese and Ryan like Brad and Jen entered married life without a prenup according to TMZ which means their mismatched assets would be split down the middle.

To their credit, the estranged spouses are said to be doing their best to keep things civil although a divorce filing is just a matter of time. Rumors of marital woes have dogged the low key duo for years the latest round came shortly after Witherspoon's Walk the Line Oscar win in February, not surprising given their once refreshing openness about seeking marriage counseling. The biggest mistake is not doing that ignoring it and have the marriage fall apart because of laziness Phillippe explained to the New York Daily News in 2002 the same year Witherspoon told Access Hollywood I dont think there should be a social stigma attached to having therapy. Its self improvement. Still admitted Reese Marriage is difficult and it takes a lot of work and my husband and I work on it everyday.

Paris steals another man & throws a tantrum.

Paris Hilton isnt about to let a little thing like a DUI arrest slow her down. Just days after being cuffed, shes reportedly been bussed, rebuffed and at the center of a big ol huff. Let's kick things off with the celibacy espousing starlet's recent round of tonsil polishing with Travis Barker. The pair, who were first spotted together in late August, have reportedly been joined lip to pierced lip this week while making the scene in Manhattan. On Monday night, they were seen making out in full view of clubgoers at hot spot Butter, says People, while the next night at Marquee, They were all over each other, according to an eyewitness their face-sucking was also captured on video by They like each other. Paris really likes him. Beyond that I cannot comment, Hilton's sympathy deserving rep tells the mag, before tossing in this not quite earth shattering prediction, Paris is single right now. You may in the future see her in the company of other men. That field playing possibility will likely provide little comfort to Barker's not quite exwife Shanna Moakler, who isn't exactly keeping her feelings about his Paris PDA bottled up. For Travis to go with her is like a double whammy, she gripes to Us Weekly. I feel like it was done out of spite. I don't think he could've been more hurtful. Moakler, who used to think of Paris as a pal, tells People that at first she felt betrayed, but in order to maintain a positive atmosphere for my children I've decided not to exacerbate the situation by commenting on each new aspect of Travis Barker's personal life. But the onetime blink 182 drummer, who has two kids with Moakler Alabama, 9 months, and Landon, 2 insists to Us via his rep that Hilton is just a buddy, albeit one with apparently smoochable lips.

Either way, one place you won't see the bubbleheaded blonde and the tattoo enthusiast rocker tongue-wrestling is at the Gramercy Park Hotel. The New York Post says she was barred from entering the hotel's Rose Bar last Friday because owner Ian Schrager has decided that the likes of Paris Hilton and her ilk are not welcome here. I have absolutely nothing personal against Paris Hilton in fact I've never even met her, explains Schrager, who was turning undesirables away from Studio 54 before Paris was even born. We're just trying to do something different here. Perhaps that No Paris Policy, coming as it did on the heels of her margarita fueled arrest, contributed to her seeming lack of excitement for sashaying down the runway at the Heatherette fashion show. Radar reports Paris pitched a backstage hissy fit at Tuesday night's presentation, leading to an hour delay. A spywitness claims Hilton attempted to make a last minute exit and had to be guilted into strutting her stuff on the catwalk. The New York Daily News, however, reports she stalled the show because of hair issues, not surprising given the massive mane she was sporting. But did the coif problems prompt her to lash out at shutterbugs backstage? Paris was having her hair done and wanted no one around her, a mole recounts to the London Mirror. When another snapper came through, she screamed, I said no more bleeping photos. Why do you never bleeping listen? The source says Hilton later scolded security for misplacing her phone, only to find it under her purse.

Is Jessica Simpson in love?

Did those conveniently timed cover stories proclaiming Jessica Simpson head over heels in love with John Mayer exaggerate the seriousness of their dating status just a wee bit? And you're dating John Mayer? the verbose and volume-amplifying Rosie nudged the former Mrs. Lachey. You don't want to say, but maybe? I love it that she just goes right there! quipped Simpson who apparently decided to drop her all too brief I am trying to keep my private life private stance by declaring, I'm not actually dating John Mayer. When Rosie asked in mock horror whether People magazine had it wrong, Joy Behar piped up, I think the dating part maybe is wrong. They put in this quote saying that I'm in love! explained Jess, who was decked out in an itty-bitty black dress and boots. But he's my friend. I've known him a couple years.

Meanwhile, is there any better pick me up when you're feeling under the weather than gobs of gratis goodies? Simpson apparently tried to forget about her bruised vocal cord for a few precious minutes by making a swag grab at last week's MTV Video Music Awards. According to the New York Daily News, the fashion-loving starlet accumulated a mountain of freebies at the event, including $4,000 in au courant denim, a couple diamond rings, several pairs of designer sunglasses, some antiwrinkle cream and a $50,000 Chrysler Crossfire convertible, which she won in a celebrities-only raffle. But it seems Simpson, who is tirelessly stumping for her new release, is planning to donate some of the pricey merchandise to the greater good, with her rep telling the paper she'll hand over a portion of her stash to her favorite charity, Operation Smile, which aids children with facial deformities. People like her don't really need these things because they already have everything, the flack unnecessarily points out to the paper. The celebrity liaison for the nonprofit, however, was a little fuzzy on the details, explaining, He didn't say anything specific, but she wanted to donate some stuff. I think the car. Maybe we'll do an online auction? I don't really know. Perhaps Jessica's mouthpiece was short on information because his client was still mulling over her proposed altruism I don't think she has thought about it yet, he dodged a little later and double checking the tax code that covers complimentary luxury items. In a story that seems to put the ha! in apocryphal, the paper says Simpson chatted up a New York attorney about how the IRS would know just how much loot she pocketed. When he broke down the reporting procedure for her, Jessica purportedly looked dumbfounded.

Is Lindsay Lohan getting married?

Lindsay Lohan arrived at the Venice Film Festival on Monday sporting two eye catching accessories. One was a horseshoe emblazoned hat that should be put out to pasture. The other accoutrement was far more attractive and considerably more intriguing a substantial ring sparkling on her finger. Was the bauble just Lindsays way of jazzing up her kicky ensemble, or could it be a gift from Harry Morton, 25, her surprisingly steady beau of two months, who last week was photographed browsing the high priced merchandise at Cartier in Beverly Hills, Calif. The moneybags restaurateurs shopping expedition, during which he supposedly checked out engagement rings, sparked talk that he's inexplicably looking to put his fledgling relationship with the flighty Lohan, 20, on fast forward. I can confirm that Harry was shopping in Cartier but what he purchased I cannot confirm,his rep told Extra of the ring rumors. If it was in fact a gift then that's between him and whomever the gift is for. Shortly after Morton was spotted at the swanky jeweler, he and Lindsay jetted off to Hawaii, where paparazzi captured the smitten, swimsuit-clad squeezes showing off their mastery of the breaststroke. By Sunday, they were on their way to Italy via LAX, where shutterbugs first spotted the dazzler on LiLo's digit.
Did the toothy Harry, a teetotaler who has reportedly been encouraging the dehydration-prone Lindsay to slow down, take advantage of the romantic tropical backdrop to ask her to be his starter wife?

As far as I know, they aren't engaged, Lohan's rep downplays to MSN Entertainment. She hasn't mentioned it. The actress' mom, meanwhile, skips the plausible deniability as she poohs the rumors, insisting to Star, It's absolutely not true. They are not engaged. They're dating and it's moving along. And just in case you don't believe her publicist and her mother, Lindsay, who is in Venice plugging the cameo-filled political drama Bobby, brushed off the engagement whispers on Tuesday, says Reuters. Still, Lohan, who before her Morton hookup was linked to a string of suitors, has admitted she's curious about the state of holy matrimony. Marriage is a big deal, but who's to say I'm not going to pull a Vegas and get married just to get married and see what it's like for a minute? she told Cosmopolitan last year. When asked if she was serious, Lindsay avowed, Never say never. The things you don't plan are the best. I'm a very spontaneous person.

Kate Bosworth starvin over a new love

Kate Bosworth has quickly rebounded from her recent bust up with Orlando Bloom, but apparently landing an even prettier beau than the one she had before has done little to jump start her appetite. The rickety starlet, 23, whose romance with Bloom recently went kaput after four years of off & on togetherness was snapped cozying up with chiseled model James Rousseau, 25, earlier this week in New York, reports People. While Rousseau is certainly easy on the eyes, he's probably not comely enough to distract weight watchers including People, which features Kate on its new Pressure To Be Thin cover from evermore-closely scrutinizing her breakable body.

Seems in recent days the alarmingly attenuated actress has been observed by eagle-eyed spies sucking down nothing but caffeine and nicotine while dining out in NYC. According to the New York Post, Kate nixed nourishment in favor of just iced coffee while lunching at an eatery with a few friends, while the New York Daily News reports she puffed and puffed during an al fresco dinner with seven pals, all of whom managed to throw actual food down their gullets, despite the second-hand smoke. She was wearing very tight jeans revealing the fact that her legs were the same size as her pinky a no exaggeration prone eyewitness tells the paper. She looked miserable especially noted from the look of death she was giving to anyone who looked in her direction. Meanwhile Star says her romance with sensitive, soul patch sporting squeeze Bloom partly contributed to her bony body, and claims their troubles were stressing Kate out to the point that she had no appetite. Hed literally coax her to eat off his plate! tattles an insider. But there was only so much he could do. According to the tab, Bosworth is now taking some positive steps, recently calling up an athletic former boyfriend to pick his brain about vitamins, protein shakes and personal trainers.

Ivanka Trump's new guy.

The New York Post reports Ivanka Trump, who was recently linked to Lance Armstrong, was spied getting up close and personal with Topher Grace Saturday night in Las Vegas. Seems Donald's pneumatic little girl celebrated her 25th birthday by swapping spit with the actor on the balcony of Social House, where several dozen of her pals had gathered. Later, at hot spot Pure, Ivanka and Topher, 28, drew the curtains around their VIP bed for a half-hour so they could dance really closely and privately per Robin Leachs Luxe Life and cuddle per People.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Denise Richards to wed again?

On Thursday, just one day after reports surfaced that David Spade relationship with Heather Locklear was kaput, the almost ex Mrs. Charlie Sheen flashed a suspicious diamond sparkler at the Fashion Rocks fete in New York as she made her red carpet debut with the estranged hubby of her former BFF. Sure Denise was wearing the cornea searing rock on her right hand, but that did little to stop engagement chatter, with Life & Style claiming the puffy Bon Jovi guitarist popped the question on Sept. 2 with the $100,000, 9.5 carat ring. They were on their way to the Staples Center to see the fights, a mole tells the magazine. He got down on one knee in the back of the limo. And while nothing says please stick around until one of us drops dead quite like a romantic night of blood-spattered pugilism and the rented confines of a luxury auto the rebounding couples rep is quick to pooh pooh the nuptial nattering. It is unfortunate that a false story has been printed about Denise Richards and Richie Sambora the flack maintains to Us Weekly. The story that they are engaged is completely false and is hurtful to their children and their many fans.

For those wondering, L & S posts that they're planning to get hitched in May 2007 in Positano, Italy, where they vacationed in May, while Star is convinced it will happen within weeks of their respective divorces being finalized, possibly by Christmas. Not only did the rocker, 47, reportedly bring Richards along for a weekend visit to his parents but they also attended the Fashion Rocks event, where Denise, 35, gave every appearance of being in the driver's seat of the relationship as they walked the press line per the New York Daily News, he wasn't shy in his admiration. You've got to look cool all the time if you're a rock star all the time, he told Extra of their coordinating ensembles. I was probably the epitome of uncool back in 87 but now I'm cool because I'm with her. As for Richards, who previously showed off her sense of timing by going public with Sambora just one day after she accused Sheen of a litany of misdeeds in a 17-page court filing, she's head over heels in love, a pal tells Star. She says he's the perfect guy for her and that she's never so looked forward to the future. You'll recall that Denise has previously dismissed allegations that she appropriated Sambora from Locklear, insisting the friendship was history before they hooked up. If I was still friends with Heather I wouldn't have crossed that line, she told Harpers Bazaar last month. With everything going on in my life, I wasn't looking to fall in love with anyone. But at the same time, when Richie and I got together, I couldn't pass it up. I know how hard it is to meet that great guy.

Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong Straight or Not?

Playing it Straight Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong

Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong are playing it straight. In an interview in the November issue of Details magazine the fast friends and frequent workout buddies addressed rumors about their sexuality and denied they were gay. We tried it. Wasnt for us McConaughey joked. Its like either you sleep with anything that moves or you're gay, Armstrong added.

Speculation about the nature of the well muscled duos relationship began after they, along with Jake Gyllenhaal, were frequently photographed in each other's company, often shirtless, while off in one athletic pursuit or another.I think people see pictures and think were these overgrown frat guys, but we all have those kinds of relationships and relationship isnt a bad word, Armstrong told the magazine. I mean we all have buds we all take guy trips but you take something very normal and you put it in a magazine and people start talking. Armstrong said he thought he and McConaughey became close so quickly because they had both ended relationships Armstrong with Sheryl Crow and McConaughey with Penelope Cruz right around the time they became friends. Our friendship just kind of developed, the seven time Tour de France champ said of the man he refers to as the Redneck Buddha. He got out of a relationship Id just gotten out of a relationship.In the absence of significant others of the opposite sex, the pals had more time to dedicate to male bonding. Id do anything he asked me to, even though he'd probably never ask me to and he feels the same way McConaughey said. It's fun going out and living life and doing things at the drop of a hat. Strong just happens to be the most deliberate guy Ive ever met. When they're not biking rock climbing running or engaging in other sweaty activities, both McConaughey and Armstrong have film projects in the works.

Nikki Hilton Single Again

Now Single Nikki Hilton

A source tells Us Weekly that the less famous Hilton gave the diminutive Entourage star his walking papers a few days ago amid speculation that his eye may have wandered. They're no longer a couple, her rep tells the mag. Conveniently enough, Life & Style had a mole situated nearby when the romance purportedly reached its screechy conclusion. Nicky was fighting over the phone with Kevin, the spy alleges to the mag. She screamed into her phone, cursed and said, I hate you! Then she got dead silent and snapped her phone shut. He called again, but she silenced the call. She was really upset, and it didn't help that he kept calling.

The ho hum honeys have been dating off & on for two plus years, taking a breather in August 2004 when Hilton impulsively wed childhood chum Todd Meister in a quickie Las Vegas ceremony, a union that was just as quickly put out of its misery.

Nicky, 23, and Kevin, 32, were soon back on, and just two weeks ago the raspy-voiced actor presented her with an impressive sparkler at her blowout birthday bash in Sin City, although he made sure to head off any wedding whispers by explaining to Extra, I got her a ring. Not that kind of ring. Nicky echoed that sentiment, telling Life & Style last week, I am too young and too busy to get married now, but she seemingly tempted the fates by adding, I'm happy in my relationship.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn remain an item.

Aniston and Vaughn still together

They may have broken up onscreen, but offscreen, Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn remain an item. Both halves of the much buzzed-about couple have denied recent reports claiming that they have ended their relationship. Aniston dismissed the breakup reports during an Oprah appearance that aired Monday, answering No, no, when asked if she and Vaughn had called it quits.

Vaughn, on the other hand, took a more aggressive approach by threatening to sue several tabloids that alleged he was seen kissing a mystery blonde at a charity event in London shortly after he supposedly broke up with Aniston earlier this month.In a statement released by the London law firm Schillings, the attorneys said the actor would be filing a legal complaint against the U.K. Sun and Daily Mirror, as well as against the New York Post, for suggesting that he had either broken up with or been unfaithful to Aniston. Ms. Aniston and Mr. Vaughn had not ended their relationship either at the material time or since, the statement said. The suggestions that he was having a passionate embrace and kiss, or has ever been unfaithful to Ms. Aniston, are false. Vaughn will also reportedly argue that a photo that accompanied the reports was misleading. According to the statement released by Vaughns legal team, the case is expected to go to trial in London High Court in 2007, unless the newspapers settle earlier. Vaughn is currently in London filming the comedy Fred Claus, in which he plays Santas bitter older brother.

Once he returns, Aniston is working to ensure that the couple has plenty of space to enjoy each other's company in private. The former Friends star is in the process of purchasing a home in Beverly Hills for $15 million, the Los Angeles Times reports. Her new digs were designed in the 70s by architect Hal Levitt, a celebrity favorite who has also designed homes owned by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Sex and the City creator Darren Star. The house, which is currently being rebuilt, has six bedrooms and seven baths and more than 9,000 square feet.

Since splitting from Brad Pitt, the actress has been leasing a Malibu beach pad for between $25,000 and $30,000 a month. Before her marriage in 2000, she owned a small home in the Hollywood Hills. Aside from her adventures in real estate, Aniston recently made her directorial debut with the short film Room 10, as part of a contest sponsored by Glamour magazine. She is also slated to produce and possibly star in the comedy-drama Counter Clockwise, based on the works of noted Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer, who was known for her work in the illusion of control, decision-making and aging theories, per the Hollywood Reporter.

Desperate Housewives Nicollette Sheridan refuses to eat dogfood

No dog food for Nicollette Sheridan

Desperate Housewives actress Nicollette Sheridan and Exorcist Linda Blair were supposed to eat dog food during an event promoting Dine With Your Dog Day.This is not Fear Factor, Sheridan said Thursday, balking at the idea of downing dog food. Blair also declined, explaining shes a vegetarian. But Little House on the Prairie actress Melissa Gilbert and Ross the Intern from Jay Leno Tonight show were game and scooped up helpings of doggie morsels. Actor James Farantino was also on hand for the midday kickoff celebration dubbed the doggy social event of the season. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and governors of New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Nebraska and West Virginia proclaimed Oct. 21 as Dine With Your Dog Day. But the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza decided to unleash the party two days early. Acid tongue fashion critic Mr. Blackwell was on hand to applaud the best dressed and a pet psychic read paws.

Former Eight is Enough TV patriarch Dick Van Patten, whose Natural Balance dog food company was behind the event, said he wanted to show dog lovers how delicious pet chow can be. The gathering celebrates the bond between man and dog by encouraging pet owners to share a meal with their dog, Van Patten said. On Saturday, pet stores nationwide will be hosting special events to honor dogs big and small. Some sales proceeds from participating brands, including Natural Choice, will be going to animal shelters, Van Patten said. We hope to raise a lot of money for local animal shelters to continue their important efforts to give humane treatment to mans best friend, Van Patten said in a statement.

Cameron Diaz topless photos trial update

Cameron Diaz topless photo appeal trial

A photographer who took topless photos of Cameron Diaz when she was 19 and tried to coerce her into buying them back for $3.5 million after she became famous lost an appeal Monday challenging his conviction. John Rutter was convicted last year of forgery, attempted grand theft and perjury relating to the topless photos. He is currently serving a nearly four year sentence. Rutter argued the conviction should be thrown out based errors in his trial, but a three justice panel from the 2nd District Court of Appeal disagreed.

Diaz was a 19 year old aspiring model when Rutter photographed her in 1992 in leather boots and fishnet stockings. At one point she held a chain attached to a male models neck. She wore a top and black vest in some of the photos, which were published in European magazines at the time. The topless photos have never been published, and a judge has prohibited Rutter from releasing either them or a video of the shoot. Rutter testified during his two week trial that he gave Diaz two days to pay him $3.5 million for the photos before he shopped them to prospective buyers for a campaign timed to coincide with the 2003 release of her film Charlies Angels Full Throttle. But he said he was only offering her first right of refusal, not trying to blackmail her.

Eva Longoria relationships troubles

Eva Longoria stormy relationships

The complications in Eva Longorias romance with basketball star Tony Parker are starting to sound like something from an evening soap. After a recent New York Post item that Parker was dirty dancing and cuddling with a blonde bombshell Longorias spokeswoman confirmed that the Desperate Housewives star and the basketball player shes been dating for two years are going through a difficult time. Now comes a report that Longoria may also be playing the court. Longoria was two timing Parker with Dancing with the Stars hunk Mario Lopez, according to Us magazine.

She was also spotted not wearing a pendant of diamonds forming the number 9 Parkers number that the San Antonio Spurs star gave her. But now, according to Us, Longoria is filled with regret and has called it quits with Lopez. Tony and Eva are talking and trying to work it out. Her spokeswoman reiterated that the couple is facing a difficult time.

Tara Reid suffered a real life nip-and-tuck nightmare

Nip and Tuck nightmare for Tara Reid

Maybe this was meant to be so that I could tell the rest of the world what not to do, the perpetual punch line tells Us Weekly in a cover story detailing her nip-and-tuck nightmare. If it can happen to me, and I'm supposed to be able to get the best, it can happen to anyone. Tara says she decided to go under the knife in April 2004 because my breasts were uneven. I was a 34-B, but the right one was always bigger than the left. I weigh 110 pounds now, but I always used to fluctuate by 10 pounds, so my skin was kind of saggy. I figured, I'm in Hollywood, I'm getting older, I'm going to fix them.

Unfortunately, she didn't take time out of her busy straight-to-video and bar-hopping schedule to do any research and instead went to the first doctor I saw and got horrible plastic surgery that left me very scarred. Among the problems, claims Reid, is that the surgeon upgraded her cup size without her approval. I asked for big Bs, and he did not give me big Bs. He gave me Cs, and I didn't want them. At all, she says of her hypermammiferous new look. Right after the surgery, I had some bumps along the edges of my nipples, but the doctor said, Don't worry, it's going to be better. But after six months of it's going to get better, it started to get worse and worse.

Those bumps became a hot topic of conversation following Tara's accidental exposure at Diddy's birthday party in November 2004, an infamous mammary baring of which she's previously kvetched, People act like it was the worst crime in the world. It was a mistake, you know! But you would think my boob had popped out and shot Gandhi! She now sniffles to Us that although her chest might have been lacking feeling (hence her obliviousness to the draft at Diddy's), her heart sure wasn't I was on Web sites as having the ugliest boobs in the world. I was devastated.

The former Taradise host says her woes were made worse by suitors who unkindly pointed out she was no longer enjoying the breast of times. Guys I was dating would be like, What's wrong with them? They look really bad. You know, you should really get them fixed. she laments. So embarrassing. I mean, you definitely need to turn off the lights, that's for sure. Unfortunately, the augmentation wasn't Tara's only surgical sore spot. The lipo, which she said she got because she wanted a six-pack, also went wrong. My stomach became the most ripply, bulgy thing I lost my confidence. This was a nightmare I lived through. In September, Reid went back under the knife for reconstructive surgery, emerging with improved cleavage (the implants stayed in), a smoother stomach and a self-esteem boost I feel like a woman again.

As for her reputation as a table dancing dipsomaniac, she insists she's not just a party girl I'm not always drunk. My picture is only taken when I have a cup in my hand. Trust me, my body is tired. I partied hard.

Jaime Pressly gets engaged

Jaime Pressly finds her prince

Jaime Pressly's publisher cofirmed that the 29-year-old actress is officially engaged to her boyfriend, Eric Calvo. The duo have been together for about a year and a half and are currently cohabitating in Los Angeles. The announcement comes about a week after Pressly's rep denied both engagement and pregnancy rumors swirling around the star. There is no ring, Pope pointed out at the time.

Pressly told Extra that her deejay beau (who goes by DJ Eric Cubiche) offered up a perfect classic engagement ring over the weekend. I knew he was going to surprise me, and I didn't know when, she said. This will be the first marriage for both. She has been linked in the past to Carson Daly and actor Simon Rex, whom she costarred with on the short-lived WB series Jack and Jill.

What a year it's been first an Emmy nod for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy, and now a proposal. Pressly, who is sharpening her comedic chops in the role of Jason Lee's spunky ex-wife on My Name Is Earl, is also set to roll out the 2007 spring and summer collection from her fashion label J'Aime this week. Pressly also pulled hosting duty on Saturday Night Live earlier this month and shows up on the big screen next in DOA: Dead or Alive, an indie film based on the ninja videogame.

Jennifer Lopez gets fined

Court fines Jennifer Lopez

Attorneys for the pop diva and her first ex-husband, Ojani Noa, were each fined $250 Tuesday for failing to be adequately prepared for a court hearing in which Lopez was due to continue her legal campaign to prevent Noa from publishing a tell-all book about their short-lived marriage.
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Victor H. Person has given Lopez's lawyer, Kristina Brittenham, and her first mister's lawyer, Robert Vasquez, 10 days to pony up the paltry sum. Person also gave the legal teams until Oct. 30 to file documents that were supposed to be handed over to the court Tuesday.

The MIA case management papers were due to include vital details, including the estimated length of the trial, what info the legal teams will require from the other side and information on additional parties or related cases. Based on the documents, the judge was due to rule on whether the case would go forward to trial or first be sent to an arbitrator to attempt to broker an amicable resolution. A new hearing on those matters has been rescheduled for Nov. 9.

The tell-all saga kicked off in April, when the current Mrs. Marc Anthony filed a restraining order against Noa to prevent him from negotiating a book deal. The stop the presses request was part of a larger suit that claimed Noa said he would make his manuscript, The Unknown Truth: A Passionate Portrait of a Serial Thriller, disappear if Lopez paid him $5 million. Among other bits of dirty laundry, the book purportedly would detail the couple's first sexual encounter, as well as examples of the star's alleged infidelity.

In June, Noa acquiesced to the preliminary injunction, temporarily halting the need for formal court dates. As part of the provisional truce, Noa was forbidden from criticizing, denigrating or casting in a negative light his ex-missus, and was also prohibited from profiting off personal details of the star, regardless of whether or not they made it into book form.

Last month, the singer's lawyers filed documents seeking to put the lawsuit on hold while the former couple attempted to resolve the dispute through arbitration, mediation or other non-legal means. A ruling on the request will likely be made at next month's hearing.

Things weren't always so contentious. The twosome met in a Miami restaurant and tied the knot in February 1997, well before J.Lo was a household name. They divorced just 11 months later (besting the length of her second marriage, in 2003 to choreographer Cris Judd, by two months). But it looks like the third time may be the charm for Lopez. She's currently in her longest post-fame relationship to date, having tied the knot with Anthony in June 2004.

Scarlett Johansson named Sexiest Woman Alive

Scarlett Johansson the Sexiest Woman Alive

Esquire magazine has named Scarlett Johansson the sexiest woman alive.

The 21 year old actress replied What about my brain? What about my heart? What about my kidneys and my gallbladder? When asked about her curves.

In Touch magazine recently did a scientific study and concluded that Scarlett owned the best pair of breasts in Hollywood. According to another survey, Scarlett has the second-most- kissable lips in the world, topped only by the epic mouth of Angelina Jolie. And a British poll found Scarlett to have the best female bum.

No! she objects. There are plenty of girls with nicer butts. There are plenty of girls who work harder for nicer butts. I'm sure my mom will be proud, says the honoree. You work hard making independent films for fourteen years and you get voted best breasts.

Aniston makes directorial debut

Aniston directs short film

The short film Room 10 codirected by Aniston and Andrea Buchanan, features Robin Wright Penn as a nurse whose relationship with an emergency room patient (Kris Kristofferson) changes her life. The short film, premiered for a star-strewn Hollywood Monday night at the Directors Guild of America.

What I really like about (Aniston) is that she knows what she wants, noted Kristofferson, who has worked with such directing heavyweights as Martin Scorsese, Alan J. Pakula and Tim Burton. And ... she’s not afraid to tell an old guy like me what to do and how to do it.

She waited a long time to get behind the camera, Aniston (37) told AP Television. I was slotted to direct an episode of Friends. And then I got film The Good Girl. So, you either got The Good Girl or you got a very bad direction of Friends. But, anyway, because I was doing them at the same time, I lost my slot. And why I never did it again after that, I don't know. I think it was just timing.

No male dancers! K-Fed tells Britney

No male dancers for Britney says K-Fed

K-Fed reportedly is forbidding his wife from using male dancers in her new video. Spears hired Matt Felker, one of the sexy guys from her Toxic video, to appear in her new video, according to In Touch Weekly, which reports that her hubby insisted that Britney fire Matt and all of the other male dancers she’d hired and replace them with females.

Federline, once a back-up dancer for Spears is insecure and secretly terrified, that Spears will dump him if her career takes off again. Kevin doesn’t want Britney to be making sexy moves again. He’s even telling her she doesn’t need to lose all of her pregnancy weight.

Mary-Kate Olsen finds love again

Love blooming for Mary-Kate Olsen

The 20-year-old, Mary-Kate has been single for about a year. But for the last month Olsen has been quietly dating oil heir Maxwell Snow. Snow, hails from Texas' de Menil oil family who happens to be Uma Thurman’s nephew, the son of her older half-sister, Taya Thurman

Don’t expect the couple to go public with the romance. Every time she gets a boyfriend, the media make it impossible for it to be a normal relationship, and she’s probably scared that all the attention would scare him away, a source said. It’s happened before, so she’s not making any public appearances with him yet.

Lindsay Lohan to take a hiatus from acting

Will Lindsay take a break from acting?

I might take a vacation, take a year off, Lohan recently said, I want to travel and learn more about other cultures. The more I’ve grown up, the more I want to do that.

Lohan, (20) one of the most photographed & sought after stars, has complained about the pressure of stardom. She has recently been criticized by her co-stars and bosses for her on set behavior. An execs from a production company said her absences on the set for her new film Georgia Rule were the acts of a spoiled child.

Paris & Nicole back together again

Together Again

That's right folks, they're back together again. Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie have settled their differences & called a truce. Plus they've announced plans to start filming the fifth season of The Simple Life.

It's no big secret that Nicole and I are no longer friends, Hilton said in April 2005. Nicole knows what she did, and that's all I'm ever going to say about it. Rumors over the cause of their split were numerous, but Nicole claims they never had a fight. I just decided I didn't want to be her friend anymore. We're just two completely different people, we don't have that much in common ...

They looked like best friends to me, an eyewitness tells People. It seemed as if they had never gotten into a fight. They were laughing really loud and seemed more than happy to be together. There wasn't a slow moment in their conversation they chatted nonstop. They left hand in hand, smiling. So it looks like everything's gonna get better & back to normal for these to BFF's.

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